Monday, July 22, 2013

I started a BUSINESS!

It is true, I started a business with Mary Kay and am now considered an Independent Beauty Consultant. About a week ago I went to a party at a coworkers house. I knew that the consultant was going to try and sell me beauty products and I was determine to say, "No, no, NO!" and just enjoy the snacks and spend time with my friend. Well....that's not exactly what happened. The consultant, Faith, had just started her own business 3 months ago and she just kept talking about how much she loved it. It started to pique my interest. I am a very money minded girl. I like to save money and don't like to buy frivolous things. That being said, I saw a very good business opportunity here. I had gone to other Multi Level Marketing parties and felt like I could not justify trying to sell the expensive products to people. Mary Kay, to me, was different. Their prices are reasonable and I knew that I eventually wanted to start some kind of business, so I told Faith that I wanted to become a consultant. She didn't push me, I don't even think she asked me. I had already made up my mind. Since then, I have met with her Leader, Bobbi, who is super nice. We met up for coffee midway between where we both live and we chatted for about 2 hours--and not just about Mary Kay. I felt like I could actually be friends with this woman. The starter kit that I purchased with Faith was about $100 dollars. I did decide to purchase a website ($25 for the first year and $50 after that) ( ---haha *shameless plug* Free shipping and free samples, ya'll!) and propay ($40 yearly) so that I can take credit cards. I thought these would also be good investments. The investment that I am not so sure about, yet, is that I bought an inventory set for about 1400. The nice thing is that if I sell it, I will get $2800 back. I am going to work so hard to make this business work because I really want to succeed. I have read some scary stories on the internet and some positive ones. There is a whole site dedicated to bashing Mary Kay. I read the stories, though, and I can pinpoint exactly where people make mistakes. Making too large of an investment right off the bat, becoming in debt for the business, not working hard enough to sell. I do not have rose colored glasses. I know how hard it is to create a business. My dad started a car business and let me tell you, its not easy! I have so many ideas of how to get my name out there. I know the product is of good quality and I am excited to learn more about it. I hope you'll follow me with my journey through Mary Kay. I am sure that there will be good times and bad---I cant wait to see if it will be worth it :)

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